Saturday, July 31, 2010

death race 2010

ya so I entered. I know what strategy I am going to use, but not which ship. swift, fast and evasive is my trade mark, but I don't want to get caught in a ship with a paper bag for armor. hmmm, what to do?

yes this is meant to confuse you, I can properly fly, fit and pilot almost ever ship battleship class and down, just not sure which way to go.

EDIT: I mean I can pilot all my race's ships. But I can also fly T2 minmatar frigates.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blog Banter

I also am electing not to participate in the CCP vs. CSM blog banter. I don't find this discussion interesting in exactly the same way I don't find Windows vs. Linux discussions interesting. The discussions are usually full of bias and prejudice and often have little bearing in facts.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Low Sec Hulk

Yes that's right. After much thought and deliberation as well giving up time after time, I finally have come up with a low sec hardened Hulk setup. In fact I have two sets of fittings for different circumstances.

Due to the safer nature of the Orca setup, I  recommend moving hulks into, out of, and around low sec in the Orca's Ship Maintenance Hanger with the Hulk agility maxed. (2x T2 Istabs and 2x T2 Low Friction Nozzles). The agility fittings provide a 4 second align to warp which if you are on your toes is most likely safe and suitable for safe mining so long as you follow proper safe low sec mining protocols (bookmarks, distance from belts, etc). Not everyone can do this though, and so here I have two setups, the one briefly described above, and the one that follows.

The following setup is safe for busting through gate camps as all my low sec hauler setups are, but they have an additional training componenet to make the setup work; Thermodynamics. Overheating your Y-S8 Hydrocarbon After Burner gives you just enough boost to push you past the minimum 75% warp speed needed to go to warp as you decloak. It's tricky getting the fittings on, and it requires fill Engineering Skills training to make it possible.

Highs:  1x Improved Cloak II
Mid: 1x Y-S8 Hydrocarbon Afterburners
Lows: 2x Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
Rigs: 1x Low Friction Nozzle Joints II, 1x Ancillary Current Router II

How you chose to fit your other slots is up to you, maybe if you sprung a few more ISK for Micro 'Vigor' I Core Augmentation variation of the power core, you could give yourself even more power grid and fit some extra shields, ECM Bursts or whatever. I choose to fit for max evasion so anything that gives me an extra slice of time to get away, I fit it. That's shield extenders, ECM Burst, ECM Drones.

Now, the procedure. Although it's nearly identical to the Occator and Orca and just as those two ships have slightly different operating procedures, so does the Low Sec Hulk.
1. Align to warpout.
2. Overheat Mid Rack
3. Start Afterburner
4. Initiate Cloak
5. Turn of Afterburner
6. When AB is EXACTLY 75% complete, turn off cloak (this gives a half second of extra AB boost while decloaking before actual warpout occurs.
7.Immediately hit Warp.

This procedure is exact. It must be followed precisely to maintain invulnerabilty between decloaking and warping out. You will gain a few percent of AB boost between decloaking and when your AB cycles down, and that pushes just past the minimum warp velocity. Any deviation from 75% increases the amount of time while decloaked, and leaves you vulnerable.

I am very happy to present these Low Sec Hulk Fittings, and I hope you find them to be of good use.

Yours Truly,

EDIT: For those of you who haven't thought about this yet, you can carry a third strip miner in your cargo hold, get to where you want to mine, dock up, refit stripper and Istabs. When done, redock refit Cloak and Power Cores and AB to move to next system. You are using bookmarks to undock right?