Friday, September 25, 2009


Here is my take on Cloaks. You pirates who cry about crybabies need to stop crying. You are crying true Carebear tears dontcha ya know. “Boohoo, they won’t let me target them…waaahhhh.” Sounds a lot like, “Boohoo, they won’t let me mine rock in peace…waaahhhh”. Grow up and take it like the man or woman you pretend to be when you tease carebears for their tears.

You want us out there so we can be targets don’t you? Cloaks make it possible for carebear types to have a half a chance of survival in unprotected low sec/null sec. You want us to stay in high sec or you want the targets? Or are you really a closet carebear using PvP as your farming method, but want it carebear easy? “Waaahhh I want it easier to kill carebears…”
What you don’t understand is that the cloak brings more people out to low sec, and brings you more targets, maybe they aren’t sitting ducks for you, but then what are you? A pirate or a carebear in disguise?

1) Evasion is just as much a part of PvP as head to head gun blasting. I don’t mean hiding in high sec, I mean those of us industrial and trading types that flying right in your face out in low sec and null sec. We aren’t chicken, and we aren’t hiding from you, we are using the skills of evasion that we have learned the same as you are using the skills you learned to try and track us down and destroy us. It’s perfectly fair to use whatever we have in our arsenal to evade you in our non-combative ships.

2) Only special ships can use the Covert Ops Cloak, and those ships have specialized tasks and usually aren’t good for fighting, they are good at “Covert Ops”, hence the name.

3) Ships that can't fit the Covert Ops Cloak are at a severe disadvantage, their speed is reduced to 10 or 25% when cloak is active, and all you need to do is fly towards your cloaked target with drones flying to uncloak them. Plus we don’t get to warp while cloaked with normal cloaking devices. You get to see where we went off to.

4) Targeted ships cannot cloak.

5) Ships uncloaking can’t target for some time.

6) Ships cannot cloak while undocking until they get well outside the docking ring (2000 m)

7) Fitting a cloak reduces the number of High Slots available, thus reducing DPS if a combat ship, if not a combat ship, it's often a choice between weapons and cloak. So ships fitted with cloaks effective can't fight back or are severely hindered from doing so.

8) It already takes a player some practice to get good at cloaking, other than the covert ops cloak ships, which are useless for anything like fighting or carrying cargo honestly, you need to learn how to cloak successfully to make it an effective fitting, otherwise it’s just like any other tactical skills. So what if you can fit it, if you don’t know how to use it properly, it’s just going to get you killed.

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