Saturday, August 7, 2010

Seriously? Seriously?

So I get a lot of crap flying my Orca through low sec. I mean, you know I pretty much have just converted the crap into tears which I collect just like any good pirate would if the circumstances were reversed, but seriously...

If I hadn't figured out how to fly industrial type ships out in low sec, then you Mr. Baddy Bad Pirate wouldn't have any targets except the occasional clueless newb and other pirates. Is that really what you want? Seriously?

Wouldn't you rather have some big juicy targets that are harder to catch, but a whole lot more valuable and a whole lot more frequent? I mean really, low sec is low sec, of course and that means we have to defend ourselves out there, not CONCORD to help us out in a bind or take retribution. I get that, but you seriously would rather I wasn't flying my Orca full of goodies around low sec, and you seriously don't want me to spread the word how? Seriously?

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