Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting things done before Attribute Swapout

Well, I am finally completing my Trade skills shortly. With the new Nueral Realignment program that lets you redistribute your base attribute points around, I have decided to focus on combat based attributes. I have been training combat related skills for many months now, and have developed some very good skills. However, since you can only do this once a year, and since my attributes now are better suited to training Trade than anything else, I have elected to finish training Trade skills before I redistribute my attributes.

Are they perfect for training trade? No, but I need to complete Tycoon training because I am now very quickly and too often running out of market slots, and maybe even Broker Relations and Accounting to level 5 as well. It is not worth focusing my attributes to train those since we are talking at most a couple months of training, so instead I have halted my combat training, and will complete my trade skills, and then redistribute my skills to be a more balanced but slightly combat heavy training arrangement and return to combat training.

No matter what, once trade is done, my training will be MUCH MUCH faster in combat and other areas than it ever was. How many of us made poor decisions when selecting attributes as a new player? I was one, and I stuck with my character who is now 1 ½ years old and exceeds 22 million skill points.

Once done with trade, I’ll be returning to combat training…most specifically training for the Ishtar….mmmm I have been in love with my Ishkur for many months now and it is the little ship that made me train for it's bigger brother too.

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