Friday, March 6, 2009

Shopping List

Ok, I have started shopping for things I think need to be sold in low sec, however I am sure many of you have better ideas than I. So I request that you place your wishlist in the comments below. Please be complete, even if you see something in another comment, please go ahead and list it on your wishlist too, this will let me know how much demand there might be for an item.
Keep in mind I can only provide so many different things, so I will need to prioritize what I supply initially, and hopefully drawing other traders out here to bring more of other stuff too.



Geaux Tiger said...

Ok, my comment and list is going to be for the area in which Essence, Sinq Laison, and Verge Vendor all kind of fall together. Unless stated otherwise assume T2.

Warp scram/disruptor
Warp scarm/disruptor best named T1
150mm Autocannon
200mm Autocannon
220mm Vulcan Autocannon
200mm Rolled tungsten
400mm Rolled tungsten
1600mm Rolled tungsten
1mn AB/MWD
10mn MWD
Micro Aux Power Core I
Overdrive Injector system
Republic Fleet EMP S/M ammo
Barrage S/M ammo
Large F-S9 Regolith Shield
Coreli C-Type 1mn AB
Coreli C-Type Adaptive Nano Plating
Coreli C-Type Small armor repper
Small/Medium NOS best named T1
Small/Medium Neut best named T1

That list would pretty much alleviate me ever having to go back to highsec for anything except the occasional T2 frigate or cruiser.

Hope this helped and good luck.

Escoce said...

For the most part I guess I assumed both T2 and Meta 4 components would be most requested, so this isn't unexpected. Thanks for the list.

Misaniovent said...

I actually imagine that ships and consumables are the most important items to be able to access in lowsec. Things that are easily transported and not needed suddenly are not as much of an issue.

Beyond ships, I am talking about tech II drones, cap boosters, tech II and faction frequency crystals, assorted ammunition.

Toady11 said...

I fly Gallente so here's my list. Everything is T2 unless I put a star beside it meaning I'll use a good named.

-Warp scram/disruptor
-Stasis Web*
-Light neutron blaster
-Light ion blaster
-Heavy neutron blaster
-Heavy ion blaster
-Heavy electron blaster
-Damage Control
-1mn MWD
-10mn MWD
-Energized reactive membrane
-200mm plate*
-400mm plate*
-1600mm plate*
-Small noss/neuts*
-Mag Stab
-EC-300 drones
-EC-600 drones
-200mm autocannon
-Medium cap booster*
-Sensor booster*
-Overdrive injector
-Inertia stab
-Magnometric ECCM
-Magnometric sensor backup array
-Various small and medium ammo
-800 booster charge

I'd say that's the usual stuff I buy at markets.