Monday, November 9, 2009

Most Embarassing Ship Losses

Bill over at, posted about his most embarassing ship loss. Well since I haven't been inspired with fresh material and since I have a couple embarassing
moments, I thought i was share them. Good topic Bill.

My most embarrassing ship loss was also a total newbie move on my part as well. As previously written about, I had gotten very good at running missions with frigates and assault frigates, and subsequently
moved out into Low Sec to further my trade career. I stopped running missions as the principle need for running missions for me was for corp and faction standings. Anyway, I guess my mission skills had
gotten stale.
My then corp mate who plays with a rather spotty schedule, asked for some help with some level 3 or 4 drone nest mission since he was still relatively new at running them. Since I was online I offered to come
on over to help him complete the mission. I got in my ishkur and headed his way. The first room was mostly cleared and he hadn't gotten into the second room yet, so we headed that way after clearing out the
remainders of the first room and finding the trigger to unlock the warp gate to the second room. I proceeded to warp on in, and my corp mate followed, and I hight tailed it over to the first closest group
of drones (which included some cruiser and battleship class drones). No problem, I start getting hit, and I speed tank the damage as well as running my reppers on full. When all of a sudden, I started taking
on massive damage very quickly.
I went to warp out, and I wasn't warping either. I informed my corp mate I was about to die, and then waited for the inevitable and just trying to take out as many drones as I could before I did finally pop.

I quickly warped to the nearest semblance of a market hub and fitted me up a replacement ishkur, warped back in through the gates to the second room, and proceeded to get my ass handed to me yet again in
short order. This time however, I noticed that I was getting webbed and scrammed. I hadn't noticed it the first time, and lost a second ship because I was "too good" to worry about such things in a mission.
I was a Low Sec pilot after all right? Holy cow, 2 ships with 200 million isk each lost within a period of about 5 minutes.
This time I refitted a new ship, came back and slowly went to work on the drones, kiting them out with my drones, and pulling them in small groups to range, and we finished the mission, but at too great a cost.
I mean I can afford the loss, and my corp mate worried quite a bit too much about it, but it was embarassing as hell.
There was another time I lost two ships back to back last year sometime. I lost two domi's in a level 4 mission I was trying to run solo, but just couldn't get it done alone with the domi's. I let
myself get in far too deep a trouble before aligning to warp out and one time actually saw my ship explode in warp. After loosing two ships, I ended up asking my then CEO to give me a hand and he was
happy to. He came in with an Ishtar (T2 HAC), which had the most amazing shield tank on it. I couldn't even come close to breaking the tank with Domi, guns and drones combined. Anyway, just splitting the
aggro in that one room that was giving me trouble ended up being more than enough to help.

Both situations embarassing, but the ishkur losses were the most embarassing, being a hardnosed low sec pilot now after all.

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Helicity Boson said...

One upon a time, on a different character, I was a missioning carebear living out in solitude.

One day I painstakingly outfitted a brand new hyperion with fancy tech 2 modules, rigs the whole nine yards.

I went to do a mission, and then i discovered I had no ammo or drones with me. And the mission had scrambling rats. And i had neglected to insure in my haste to start playing.

I had a bad day after that. a very very bad day.