Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yep that's the sound of 1 billion ISK flushed down the toilet. As 00Sage00 kindly pointed out, when I completed Empire Control V, which coincided with the release of Dominion, I decided to toy with the alliance interface.

Now in all honesty and in the spirit of full disclosure, I did and do intend to create an alliance. That is the specific reason for my training all those Corp Management skills. I wasn't however ready to create an alliance yet. I was trying to discover what I needed ready and what I needed to know ahead of time.

Now, nearly every other interface in the game has a confirmation window. Buy orders, sell orders, contracts, cancelling a contract creation, quiting the game. Everything that involves ISK, standings, or your online status has a built-in confirmation process. Why in all of New Eden, there no confirmation window for the two processes that potentially have the greatest and most expensive ramifications on the game? I mean the only thongs more expensive than an alliance are capital ships. But you still have a confirmation window when you want to buy 1 round of ammo or 1 unit of tritanium.

I have put on a petition to have the action reversed. I suspect CCP won't honor that request, but for the sake of all the gods, at least let me rename it and give it ticker I would have givenore thought to if I had known.

Lesson here? Don't toy around with the alliance interface. Too many catastrophic accidents have occurred already, and many more are likely to come.

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Cyberin said...

keep us updated on the status of that petition.

I never accidentally created an Alliance, but I have spent way more than I wanted making a corporation once. (word to those who don't know, every time to hit create, and it tells you that ticker is charges you anyway :))

Alagus said...

Good luck with the petition, hopefully they will give you the isk back and add a confirmation window for the future

Yargok said...

Aw sad to hear, hope it gets reversed.

You like blogpress so far tho?
I noticed that if you save a draft there, it wont be available when you go on by normal browser.

But good little app anyway.. :)

Vol said...


If they don't reverse it, what are you plans for the alliance? :)


That is good to know. Now I wonder how much I spent making my most recent corp. The ticket had to be five characters just to find something that wasn't already taken.


Escoce said...

Cyb, Yep that's good info, I hadn't realized that either.

Ala, I still haven't heard back at all from the petition. I don't expect them to refund the transaction, but it never hurts to ask.

Yar, It works and lets me write posts while away from the home computer, which is usually when I write because if I am on the home computer, I am playing Eve, not writing about it.

Vol, if they don't reverse it I was planning on created an alliance here very soon anyway, I just wasn't prepared for this to happen. I just wish I could pick a different name, but ce la vie. I plan on developing a transparently managed non-carebear non-pirate Trading and Logistic Corp. This doesn't mean we don't support pirates, we do support piracy and all forms of non-consensual PvP, just that this isn't a pirate corp/alliance. I wish the alliance to be the example of how people of all character types can play this game without Alts, and bridge the gaps between high sec, low sec and null sec.

Diametrix said...


I just want to say I love your blog and reading about the work you do. I initially read about your hi sec market formation efforts many months ago and was happy to see that you're still working on the lo sec developement.

This is the kind of sandbox driven effort that changes the game we play in the long term. Good stuff!

Although my alliance is focused on W space, I expect there are potential parallels to be found.

Looking forward to more news as it transpires.