Monday, June 28, 2010

Fail Dec

So my corp, and thus my alliance was wardecced yesterday by an 11 member highsec wardec Corp called Deaths Right Hand and run by a fellow named BravoFoxtrot and has perhaps 3 truly active war fighters.

Guy, do your homework. We live in lowsec. 1) chances of ever running into one of us again is rather slim 2) we live where everyone and their whole families are trying to blow us up every chance they get.

Do you really think we care about you?

With utter disregard,
United Trade Syndicate

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Arrhidaeus said...

I love fail wardecs on people who live in low-sec. It gets even better when everyone in your corp is -10.0 and flashy, but they wardec you anyways!

Hope you get some easy kills full of lols.

Escoce said...

Thanks brother. It makes me laugh when I think about how much they spent for a wardec.