Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reverse petitions and hulkageddon

I know CCP has ways of detecting macro-mining pattern in the logs if they are made aware by a player that points out the potential offender in a petition.

Well I have a good though unlikely to be implemented way to wreak worse havoc on macros.

The reverse petition in conjunction with hulkageddon. A police force of volunteers who roam the belts in search of baddie-bad micro miners. When a potential macro is found, a special type of petition is filed, which grants immediate immunity for what would ordinarily involve CONCORD intervention. The macro hunter would reap the rewards of the drop, and gain a sec-status boost just like they were ratting. Now of course mistakes will happen, and there is a way to deal with that too.

The reverse petition filed will flag the pilot with something like a convo request popup, but clearly a warning of impending doom with a countdown. If they do not acknowledge the accusation within say 15 minutes, the accused is criminally flagged with a standard counter and anyone may freely dispatch their ship (but not pod). Alternatively, the accused could be flagged only to the petitioner.

The method to avoid abuse (macro spamming), would be to limit the number of petitions each pilot may send between down times, as well as limit the number of petitions a pilot may receive. If either number is exceeded, then the petition fails and the miner is safe from both explosion and safe from macro spam.

Also, the same pilot cannot petition the same accused more that once per down time regardless of how many petitions either has left.

So this still opens doors to problems of abuse. There are ingame ways to prevent this. Firstly, a faction should be setup, one lime CONCORD but specifically for combating macro miners. Individuals or corporations would have to join this faction in a similar way to the militia for faction warfare. Trial accounts would be ineligeble, and there should be a security standing minimum requirement.

If the pilot makes a mistake and the accused was not using macros which a review of the pilot logs will reveal, and the pilot just had to go afk for some legitimate reason ( which he doesn't have to validate, he wasn't macroing after all), and files a petition, the the macro hunter would be forced to pay the replacement cost of the ship and all it's mods and cargo contents (crystals for instance). As well the macro hunter would suffer a security status just as if he killed a pilot under ordinary circumstances. If the security status falls steeply enough due to repeat mistakes, the pilot is unable to file the macro hunter petition until sec status is returned to acceptible levels or enough decay time occurs to nomalize the sec status they have now, say measured in days or weeks. If sec status falls below minimum entry requirements, the member (or Corp if it's a Corp membership) gets booted from the faction. So corps would be very careful to monitor their members or risk Corp expulsion.

This system would help improve the proposed goal, by ensuring only legitimate macro hunters would be interested and that they would be careful of who they mark as macros.

I know there are still holes, but in general what do you think?

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Rok said...

If they can script the targeting or rocks and turning on the beams, they can script the challenge from CONCORD. Most scripts don't accept convos right now because there is no benefit from doing so. You are creating just just a benefit structure.

If the rules of a system can be defined, they can be gamed by cheaters. See also Arms Race.

Escoce said...

Well I think you are kinda mssing the point. I know there are holes in the technical details of my proposed implementation. I was more interested in what you thought about the general concept.

As far as the particular technical difficulty you mention, that is easily solved with unique unpublished key pairs as a response and using unique object IDs for the acknowledgement button so it cant be scripted.

paritybit said...

It's an interesting concept. But I think the biggest outcry will be, "how do you know he's not just afk?"

I think I'd prefer to just see CCP ban them as the only real benefit your idea has over a ban is to pad somebody's killboard stats.

KaarBaak said...

Have to agree with ParityBit. TBH, I've never understood the concept of Hulkageddon as a response to macros. Macros are a part of the economy. As Holy Rage proved, any substantial change to volume of macroers disrupts the economy for a short period, then things return to their stabilized levels and states. Therefore, the only outcome for an operation like this is the distraction of dev time to create the mechanics and the griefing of legit and/or afk players.