Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alts, pirates and carebears...oh my!

So, I am bringing up an old topic from not too very long ago actually. More specifically, I am merging a few topics. And, I am going to sum up my angst with just one question. How can you call yourselves not carebears if you have to resort to alts to get around the game mechanics?

Every complaint I hear or read about carebears and descriptions for them is summarily dismissed in practice when you use alts.

As it seems to be the trend today, I say harden the fuck up and learn how to play this game within the sandbox paradigm. Put up buy contracts or hauling contracts to gather shit in and out of high sec. Might find a profitable meta career in trade or contracting without wimping out and buying an alt to experience high sec in all it's glory.

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