Sunday, October 25, 2009

Partyin with Hellcats

So tonight last night (i feel asleep while writing this) we had us a party. The hottest chicks in the eve universe hosted a PvP party in Evati and it was a blast. I didn't give myself a lot of time to get ready, and threw a bunch of Rifters and fittings in my Occator and headed on over to Evati.

Rule #1, when getting ready for a PvP fest, don't get dressed in a hurry, I had decided to go full vanilla T1 because I knew already I was going to get my ass handed to me over and over again. Well being in a hurry I showed up with the wrong ammo. You see T2 ammo doesn't fit in T1 cannons. Gah!!! Mynxee was kind enough to bring lots of toys for us to play with, but I was too embarrassed to ask for a new ship every minute and a half (that's about how long all the timers last between getting killed and being able to finally undock again). So I flew off to go buy some proper cannons for my ships. Paid a terrible price for them, but in was in a rush looking for the closest group of 30 cannons and not looking for the best deal. OMFG, only 24 autocannons fit in a rifter cargo hold...GAH! Lesson here again is don't wait till the last minute to get dressed for a party.

There were billions of ISK in prizes handed out and the evening was absolutely crazy. Faction ships, cash, T2 rigged ships, corpses, exotic dancers and all sort of other fun stuff were passed around, one prize per 10 minutes I think was the going rate, I think it ended up hovering around 1 billion ISK being handed out every 30-45 minutes.

Events finally started to slow down, I packed my things up to go since we were talking about it being pretty much over. I didn't get to fight mynxee or Shae Tiann, but halfway home I hear they're out is that catfighting? GAH! (I seem to be saying that a lot in this post) I missed to chance to fight with the two greatest loves of everyone's Eve lives. That alone would have been worth every ISK in my wallet. Ah well.

The Hellcats PvP party was truly a blast, and I hope to be invited to the next one. It inspires me to host an event of my own, but with a different spin, instead of random PvP fest (which was a blast, but that belongs to the hellcats).

Mynxee, Shae, and to the rest of the hellcats; thank you so much for a great great time and gratz on a job well done indeed.

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Escoce said...

I am sorry guys, I had a much more detailed post here, but whole paragraphs seem to be missing after I posted it. I had detailed who I fought and who handed my ass back to me (thanks for picking that up I seemed to have dropped it). In sum I lost every fight I got into, some fair some not, but I still failed to win any fights. Was fun everyone I fought and detailed above but it disappeared. The joys of using Blogger on your iPhone.