Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Low Sec Recruitment (Non Pirate Corp)

Ok this is a little premature, but I really needed to get this posted. Interstellar Tritanium has opening recruiting. Please read below for the Mission Statement, Goals, and Guidelines and see if this is something you would like to do.

Interstellar Tritanium

Ticker: ITTRI

Mission: To make low security and bordering null security space accessible to the masses. We recognize the hurdles in bringing the masses to low security space, and we shall do this by developing a flourishing market and industrial complex beginning in low security space, with intentions to eventually secure and/or negotiate general access to some null security systems and regions which border the Empires.

Recruitment: OPEN; We are looking for pilots of all sorts who arent afraid of a little action. We are looking for multi-talented traders, haulers, miners, builders, cyno and fighter pilots. We arent diving right into battle, but due to the nature of a low sec operation, people will be coming to find us.

If you are interested in pursuing your current industrial career, but want to bare your teeth and show the galaxy what it means to be a tough industrialist, the read on. Below I have some goals and guidelines laid out. One of the primary benefits of being a corp member is the recognition you will get. People will know you are an Interstellar pilot, and the negotiated access and respect gained from being a prominent member of the corporation alone makes life a little easier in low sec. Low sec pilots of every sort appreciate the easy access to the goods they need.

How do we plan on accomplishing this feat?

1. Develop solid market platforms in low security - High Security space has some established market centers mostly notably Jita, Oursulaert, Hek, Jel, and others. There are secondary and tertiary markets as well in almost every region supporting more rustic areas. To accomplish our goal, we need to identify systems in a low security system that sports greater than usual traffic. Candidate systems provide a convergence points in routes between two or more regions or to null security space similar to old world highway or railway system cloverleaf interchanges or perhaps because a system is part of a pipe to null sec, or maybe because there is a great deal of faction warfare and pirate activity in the area.

2. Do not discriminate - Everyone is our customer. People coming from High Sec to buy our cheap goods, faction warriors, miners, industrialists, haulers, and yes even pirates and alliances are our customers. Everyone in the galaxy must buy stuff, there are all therefore our customers. We like ships to get blown up, because it means another kit sold.

3. Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS)lately - We are NOT pirates, we are NOT pirate hunters. This is part of the non-discrimination item above. We want those low sec denizens to return the favor and not shoot at us. I cannot guarantee they will reciprocate, but I CAN guarantee that whomever you start shooting at will NEVER give you the chance to fly safe in their presence. Remember, everyone is our customer. If we continue to provide good service (measured in consistent cheap goods and not aggressing), we will have a continuous sales channel.

4. Scouting, Escort Support and Cyno Services - We shall provide escort when requested when we are available and capable of performing said services. If available this service to should immediately executed for corporation members. For customers, it is appropriate to charge a fee, because this service will sometimes cause a conflict of interest with our other customers. We may find ourselves in an escort situation that involves conflict between the ship or fleet you are escorting and a customer pirate, remember NRDS and remember they are both our customers. We must defend who we are escorting, however if there is a way to satisfy both parties involved, such as sharing some or all of your service fee with the pirate gang. If negotiations fail, you must honor your agreement with your customer, and you must defend them. Win or lose however, remember the pirate is still your friend and your customer and offer them up kind parting words for a good fight. Remember we are NOT hunting pirates; we are only defending ourselves and our customers.

5. Coaching - It is always a good idea to coach our customers before they enter low sec. If a customer who has contracted you for escort arrives in a poor choice of ship for low sec, kindly advise them on which industrial ships are best suited for low sec and null sec (Deep Space Transports and Blockade Runners), and how to fit them properly for survival. Remember, industrial ships should be fitted for evasion, not for battle.

6. High Security Standing - We are NOT pirates. We are NOT mercenaries. We must maintain high security standing in order to provide our inter-security services. All members are highly encouraged to continuously improve on their security status as well as their faction standings.

7. Busting Gate Camps If you are fitting properly for evasion, and you execute proper protocols when jumping through low sec, busting gate camps is childs play. As already hinted at, it requires a ship fitted solely for busting gate camps, and learning and executing the proper sequence of protocols to be warping away before the gate campers have a chance to locate or target you.

7. Wardecs - Remember we stand the chance of gaining a war declaration. Since you fly low sec anyway and are comfortable doing so, then a war dec should pose you no problem. A wardec only allows a small group of people to fight with you in high sec, otherwise it has no affect in low sec whatsoever. While at war, simply treat high sec with the same respect we have for low sec. Keep on your guard, wear your low sec goggles and you will have no difficulty. In fact, you may quickly find you laugh at war declarations. When at war, feel free to blow up the opponent, but remember that they are still our customer and when they replace their kit, they have to buy it from you. Also, remember many of our members are not combat ready and only prepared for combat evasion and may not wish to engage the enemy with you.

One more very important thing about Wardecs, sentry guns in both high sec and low sec will NOT fire upon your wardecced enemies, so keep that in mind. Always wear your low sec goggles.

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Casiella Truza said...

I know you state it in the last paragraph, but wardecs do have an effect in lowsec: sentry guns will not engage on gates or stations (and your opponent will not have to deal with GCC timers).

Good luck! Perhaps we'll run across each other...