Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back to School

So I am taking 'ENG Writing Composition I' which I don't have credits for. They didn't want me to register classes until they got my transcripts from the University of Miami, but was like look I know what I took and I am not willing to waste my time and money so it's ok, just sign my in. So he wrote me in for a math class for 4 semester hours, and I don't remember 1st year courses being 4 credits, he said it's a non credit course to prepare me for higher math. I am incredulous. I scored well in trig, but not so good in algebra, so you want me to take a non credit course? Good god, I finally said, I'll just take the exam again, I have a stack of professional certs a few inches thick that says o can prepare. I mean I decided to do this all in like one day and didn't have any prep time, have perfect scores in all sections except one and you say I am not ready? No thanx, I'll just take something in english and take the exam over thanx.

So I start school again on the 18th, my transcripts should be approved by then and I can take whatever the hell I want in the summer. Maybe I'll go back and add a second class for the first semester.

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