Thursday, January 28, 2010

Been sick

My family and I have been very sick lately, starting with each of my kids, then my wife, and finally me with pnuemonia, so there hasn't been a lot of eve activity at all.

The only things I have been up to are skill queue management, some light weight trading, and easy collection runs of product that has built up over time.

I missed the last blog banter, but I think I will try and get it rolling late anyway. In essense the only new plans I have for this year are developing the alliance I accidentally created in December with the help of Casiella Truza and the other CEOs who will help take charge. An alliance cannot be run by one person alone and I will be relying on them to step up and take charge of the different operational aspect of alliance management from op organization to coopertive efforts in trade and industry. I'll have more to say on this shortly after we have had a chance to have our first real summit of alliance leaders.

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